Boxing Classes

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HBA Signature Session

Try out our signature session. This high intensity workout allows you to train like a boxer, without getting hit! This 60-minute session covers the key aspects of a boxers training: Boxing technique and bag work, strength training and cardio. Perfect for anyone looking to get fighting fit and learn a new skill at the same time

High - Energy Full Body Workout

Burn Up To A 800 Calories!

Boxing bag work and one-on-one mitt work

TRX Training, Agility ladders and Battle Ropes

Up To 5 Coaches In Each Class

10 Rounds

This is a 45-minute fast paced workout incorporating bag work and variety of bodyweight exercises. Commonly referred to as our hardest class, booming music and a energetic environment ensures you get the most out of your workout!

45 Minute Workout

Burn Up To 600 Calories

45 – Minute Workout

Bag Work

Non - Contact

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