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The Headon Boxing Academy is one of Dublin’s most popular fitness studios, a destination where people come to to get fit, toned, learn a new skill and get rid of any stress that they have!

Boxing is a fantastic way to get fit, but in order to get the full value from the workout you need to know your basic technique!

For example, if you already go to the gym you probably don’t want to be a powerlifter, but there is still right and a wrong way to do a squat. Although you don’t want to be a pro boxer, there is still a right way to do everything which is critical to enjoying the workout.

Therefore, before anyone starts a class they are required to do a intro session. This is a 45 minute private session with a coach whereby we take the time to teach you everything you need to know – so that when you come to class you can knock it out!


Normally, a private session would cost €60. As this is an intro session it is priced at the discounted rate of €30!


As this is a private session the best thing is that we can work around your availability! Fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to book it in or answer any additional questions that you have.


We hold intro sessions in our Marian studio (Lansdowne Road), Grand Canal Dock and Sandyford studios 7 days a week!

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