Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between PAYG Bundles and HBA Membership?

PAYG bundles and Membership provide access to the same classes but there are added benefits to membership including cheaper classes, free merchandise, waitlist priority and much much more. PAYG bundles are valid for three months and must be manually renewed when they expire. Membership bundles auto renew monthly so all you need to do is enjoy the boxing! 

What is the difference between each membership tier?

We have three tiers of membership- flyweight, middleweight and heavyweight. You can find details of each membership here. 

I bought a Pay As You Go Bundle but have seen that all my friends have HBA Membership and want to become a member. How do I do this?

Sounds like a smart choice! Once your Pay As You Go Bundle expires, you can then transfer to membership by purchasing it on the app or via our website.

I bought HBA Membership but want to change to a different tier. Is this possible?

Yes it is possible to change membership tiers, just send an email to and we can help you amend your membership status and payment details. You will need to allow 30 days for this to take effect. 

I’ve bought my bundle and am ready to Punch. It. Out. Where do I book classes?

You can book your classes by downloading the Zenplanner app and logging in with the details provided. 

I’ve booked a class but my plans have changed. Can I cancel?

You can cancel class up to 12 hours before the class start time. Cancelling less than 12 hours before the class or any no shows will result in that class being deducted from your bundle.This is just to be fair on everyone so nobody misses out on a chance to Punch. It. Out.

I’ve purchased HBA Membership. When does it renew?

Your membership will automatically renew each month on the anniversary date of your purchase until you cancel.

If I have excess classes left on my monthly membership bundle, can I carry these over to the following month?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to carry over classes so we encourage you to try and use your classes in the allotted month. 

I have used all the classes in my bundle, do I have to wait until the next month before I can do another HBA Class?

Absolutely not! Don’t worry, you can purchase top up classes to your bundle via the Zenplanner app or by emailing us directly. These classes will be discounted based on your bundle. 

I want to cancel my HBA Membership. What is the process?

We would hate to see you leave our HBA Community but if you want to cancel your membership, you just need to provide 30 days notice. Your membership will expire at the end of the next full month after you inform us you wish to cancel. This means, for example, that if you send us notice of cancellation on November 15th, your membership for December will auto-renew and cancel at the end of that month. 

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